My livestrong day experience

My first livestrong day run, it was refreshing to have a new venue Circulo Verde, and run along C5.


Its a wear yellow day but I choose to use a different shirt color šŸ˜› because I was given an XL jersey. No reason to complain since I just won the race kit.

Unlike other race it was more like a gathering. So quiet and people are more relax and formal. Good thing the Zumba warm up woke them up.


I with jhudann run the 5k category. the route is good but according to my running app its just 4.67 KM so I didn’t really had a PR.

It was a tough route, with fast cars coming from behind. Good thing the marshalls on bike and along the route did their best to protect the runners.


Jhudann is not feeling well but still managed to finished the race in 18 minutes and as I predicted he was the first placer

We enjoyed the breakfast and giveaways from Ampalaya Plus, Adidas body care, finisher bandana, booster C and photo souvenir from multiply.

Thanks to Biloggirl for my race kit and CruiseControl for Jhudann’s kit

It was a memorable experience hopefully
next time we can join the bike race šŸ™‚

livestrongdayph congratulations for the succesful event


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