Fit all you can- A smorgasbord of all things fit

Imagine doing different workouts in a single day. Impossible? Not with Fit All You Can.
I was lucky to grab a chance to join this event for free. At first I was a bit hesitant to do it but hey this is for free. Thanks to @2ndavenue for the ticket.

It was a very bed weather that morning. It was raining so hard that I thought of not going anymore.  Good thing I did.

There are two workout area for those who have an unlimited access called buffet. Area 1 is for the almost hard-core exercises while area 2 is for Yoga.

We choose the first area.

Mao participated in the WOD-workout of the day by CrossfitInsurrecto. It  was a success as it really give the participant a chance to enjoy while doing different levels of crossfit training. I can say that the drills are hard enough that   they are slowing down as the time goes on but hats off to the participant for the courage to finish it in 10 minutes.

Mao doing the Workout of the day

Next is the Zumba by planaFORMA. For me it is the best workout that day because it rocks the whole rockwell tent. With their upbeat music and an incredible instructor  everyone enjoyed their day.

Mao enjoys dancing with Zumba

For those who just have an entrance ticket called à la carte like me I can just watch and try the mini gym, and FTX. But I just took photos and a 500 meter run on the treadmill.

trying the treadmill at the mini gym

It  was a very successful event  even the storm can’t stop it. I was thankful to learn new techniques for working out indoor. It was a good idea to put an event like this to promote and encourage fitness enthusiast to try  variety of exercises. I hope next time it will be for two consecutive days so we can try Yoga. And hopefully I will have an unlimited pass.

Pilates, beginners yoga, Retro, Muay thai and FTX

Two thumbs up to the event organizer for putting such event. We definitely had a good time.



2 thoughts on “Fit all you can- A smorgasbord of all things fit

  1. Hey thankyou very much for following my blog.-Pirie Enzo

    • engels says:

      my pleasure. Your blog is very informative esp during the olympics i got to know a lot about athletics and also i like reading about ur post regarding athletics here in the philippines

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